The female delinquency according to Cesare Lombroso

The female delinquency according to Cesare Lombroso –CriminalMente D (S03 – P09)

“CriminalMente D – women and Crime”, this is the title of the third season of criminally that will see women as protagonists. It will be broadcast every other Sunday. The first episode will be released on November 5th and the program will continue until the last Sunday in May.

The structure

In This new season there are significant changes compared to the previous ways in which podcasts were conducted. Starting from the fact that they are the members of the staff in first person to appear in the podcasts. CriminalMente D focuses on the relationship between women and crime.

The bets will be structured in different ways, we will talk about women as victims of crime, of women serial killers, of criminal women. In addition, interviews will be conducted to experts in the field, such as lawyers and criminology, and interviews with “non-experts”.

The mission of criminally remains the scientific disclosure of topics and topics of criminology interest. For this reason the information will be communicated with a language accessible to all enthusiasts, whether or not they are experts in the field.

The female delinquency according to Cesare Lombroso

The ninth episode of CriminalMente D – women and crime was written and thought by Carmen Leotta. The protagonist of the episode is Cesare Lombroso italian physician, anthropologist, sociologist, philosopher and jurist. Lombroso performs several studies on the types of women, on prostitution (considered the female parallel of the theft in Man), on the anthropometry and on the pathological anatomy applied to the female delinquency, on the biology and the psychology of the criminal woman.

CriminalMente D – Women and Crime is a program written and conceived by Francesca Guidi.

Leads: Carmen Leotta.

Director and editor: Roberto Molino and Francesca Guidi.

Author of the episode: Carmen Leotta.

CriminalMente Editorial Board

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